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Thank you for viewing our aluminum and composite electric gate brochures. All gates are bespoke, the brochures are to give you an idea on how the design will look.

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FAQ around electric gates

I have no electricity at the bottom of driveway, can I still have electric gates?

We can install electricity for you, that is not a problem. We conduct all ground works, should you want your wires buried.

I know the size of the gate I need

You can send over sizes of the gate you require and we can issue you a desktop quote.

What information do you need to be able to quote for an electric gate?

In order to get you the most accurate quote the following information would be helpful:

  • What material is your current drive
  • Swing or slide gate
  • What material would you like the gate built in? Composite, aluminum, metal
  • Gate design, color and size (height and width)
  • Postcode
  • Pictures of your drive and gate area
  • Is there electric at your gates? Would you like us to install electricity from your home or garage? What is the distance between electric source and gate area?
How do I measure for the gate I need?

Measure from the inside of your posts or pillars. Then from the floor to the height required.

I do not have any posts or pillars

Not a problem, please just make us aware that you require posts and we can supply them.

Are your composite gates powder coated?

Yes we galvanise and then powder coat all the steel on our composite gates. If you would prefer, we never galvanised or powder coated please make us aware and we will remove this cost from the quote.

Does composite work out cheaper?

If you compared an aluminum and composite swing gate, the same size and plain design (fully boarded and flat top). Yes composite could end up cheaper.

I am on a budget, what will keep and electric gate cost down?

To help keep the costs down always go for a swing gate over a slide gate. If you can only have a slide gate then opt for tracked not cantilever.

Keep the design ‘Plain’:

  • Bowed top is more expensive compared to a flat top gate.
  • Split design is always more expensive. E.G.open top and closed bottom design on the gate.
  • Keep the colour in aluminium to a standard RAL colour. You pay more a non standard RAL colour.
  • On a composite gate, only have the wood grain on one side. Composite boards are more expensive when the woodgrain is double sided.
  • Use pre-existing brick pillars, to avoid paying for posts.
  • Build the gate opening in an open area, to meet current legislation to avoid the cost of extra safety edges.
  • Install the electrical wire yourself, saves on labour digging up your drive. Or consider truncking the electrical cable around your drive.

We are always happy to help advise where you may be able to save money when installing electric gates. Do not hesitate to contact us 07460597534

We are looking for electric gates, can an engineer come out?

We would be happy to book an engineer to come out and do a site visit. All our engineers are fully compliant with current legislation. We offer a free site survey inspection for all new installs. Here our engineer can help to advise and even show you on our state of the art app what your gates would look like on your current drive.

Can you email me the gate brochures?

Yes, please send an email to ridgeautogates@gmail.com and we will send over brochures via email.

You can download the brochures off this page via the settings.

I already have a design

If you have a particular design in mind don’t hesitate to send us a sketch or picture. You can email it to ridgeautogates@gmail.com or whatsapp to 07460597534

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