How to open electric gates manually | Manual release key

It is so important that you know how to open electric gates manually using your manual release key. The day will come that your electric gates lock you in or out of your drive. You can bet it will be when your late for a flight, work or an important appointment.

Underground gate motors – Manual release key

How to use the manual release key – open gate

Your manual release key will look like a leaver or a key. On swing gates that have underground motors you will find the slot for the manual release key attached to the bottom of the gate on top of each underground motor. Insert the manual release key, and turn to unlock the gates from the motors.

Servicing electric gates is not a sales gimmick, over time the manual release mechanism can cease up, you will find it near to impossible to release the gates if you do not keep on top of servicing.

Remember to secure the gate in the open or close position.

How to use the manual release key – close gate

To lock your gates back on to the underground motors you need to put your gate leaf in the close position. Ensure the gate lines up with the gate automation foot. Insert your manual release key and turn un the opposite direction. You will hear the gate lock on.

To test the gate is secure, gently put pressure on the gate leaf and it should feel stiff, if the gate moves it has not been locked on to motor correctly.

Power cut / Electric turned off

Clients with a Roger Technology system

If the power to your gates is turned off the procedure is as follows when the power is turned back on…

  1. Turn the power back on, if safe to do so
  2. The next command, via your remote control is to press the button to open/close your gates.
  3. The gates will open slower than normal.
  4. Once the gates are fully open, they will either close automatically (if this is how they have been programmed originally or you will need to press the button on your remote to close the gates).
  5. When the gates close themselves automatically (or via command) one gate will fully close by itself slowly, then the other gate leaf will close itself slowly.
  6. The next command is to ask the gates to open via your remote, they should be back to normal operation.

Arm motors – Manual release key

Remember to secure the gate in the open or close position.

Sliding gate motors – Manual release key

Ensure there are no issues with your gate stops, as there is nothing to stop your gate (other than the gates stops) when it is put into manual. Ensure you lock your gates back on to the motor or tie it up to keep the gate secure.

Remember to secure the gate in the open or close position.

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Where to keep the manual release key

The manual release key for your electric gates is just as important as your house key and needs to be left it in a safe place.

We recommend a lock box at your gate area inside your drive so you know where to locate the key in an emergency, saves the scrabble around the house looking in all the draws.

We also suggest leaving a manual release key with a relative/ friend/ neighbour who lives close by incase you are ever locked out of your gates from the other side.

Thes reason we do not recommend keeping a manual release key in your car, is if your car is ever stolen, so is the key to get in your gates or out of your gates.

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