How often should my electric gates be serviced?

How often should electric gates be serviced? In this article we will explain why and when this should take place. With the ultimate goal of ensuring your electric gates are safe and last their life expectancy.

Why service electric gates?

Do you service your car motor? MOT? Oil? Water? An automatic gate contains a motor it needs servicing to ensure it runs efficiently and you get the full life out of your system.

Some warranties may become void if you do not get your automatic gates serviced within their set time frames.

Motors that should last 15-20 years could need replacing after 2+ years if you fail to service the gates and motors in the correct timeframes.

How often should my electric gates be serviced

Servicing can vary from every 3 – 12 months

How often should electric gates be serviced?

The duration between each automated gate service varies depending on

  • How often the motor is used.
  • The motor model and brand.
  • Environmental conditions.

Majority of residential servicing can be anything from every 3 months to 12 months.

How often should my electric gates be serviced?

What gates do we service?

We service all residential, commercial and industrial electric gates.

  • Swing gates?… yes
  • Slide gates?… yes
  • Underground motors?… yes
  • Arm motors?… yes
  • Hydraulic operators?… yes

How often should my automatic gates be serviced

Electric gate servicing can save you £1000’s

How much is an electric gate service?

Prices vary depending on your gate style (swing or slide) and how many automatic gates you would like serviced on the same day.

Prices can vary from £80+

Call our office today for a price on a servicing your electric gates 07460597534

How often should my electric gates be serviced?

What is covered in an electrical gate service?

✔Check overall condition of the gate.

✔Inspection of bolts, screws, rollers, hinges, racking, joints and nuts.

✔Checking gate alignment and hinges.

✔Check the manual release and gate movement.

✔ Check electrical connections.

✔Check the function of your motors.

✔Check the condition of underground/arm casing and drainage.

✔Apply lubricant to motors.

✔Check the condition of the control panel.

✔Control unit cleaning.

✔Check all wired connections inside the control panel and tighten.

✔Safety beam operation and cleaning.

✔Safety edge testing.

✔Force tests over various points of your gates.

✔Check the batteries where required.

✔Check the torque and speed. Adjust if needed and record.

✔Check gate pause time.

✔Measure the distance between photocells and gate closing.

✔Measure the distance in all potential crush zones on the gate.

✔Measure the distance in all potential impact zones on the gate.

✔We ensure that your gates are kept up to date with the ever changing regulations.

All services come with a complementary risk assessment, this will highlight any areas of your gates that no longer meet legal requirements or could cause harm.

We will also forward on to you a FREE no obligation quote for Ridge Auto Gates to carry out the works we recommend or legally required.

Contact 07460597534 for a servicing quote

What could happen if I never serviced my gates?

All gates operations and systems vary. The most common issues are insects, mostly slugs, causing damage to your control board.

A simple lubrication and regular testing of the manual release on your automatic gates could prevent you becoming trapped on your drive along with an emergency call out fee.

A service costing around £80+ could save you a £2,500+ for a new system to be installed.

How often should my electric gates be serviced

How to book a service?

Call our office today to book your automatic gates in for a service with our qualified technicians 07460597534

Alternatively, you can contact us through our online form here.

How often should my electric gates be serviced

FAQ Electrical Gate Service

What is not covered in a service?

A service would not cover if your gate(s) needed a repair. It will not cover if parts need to be purchased and installed.

What is the wait time on an automatic gate service?

Completely depends on your location and what we have in the diary when you call to book in your service. We aim to book your service in within 24 – 72 hours of you calling. However, we can not guarantee any timescales other than confirm an agreed date.

Do I need to be home when my electric gates are being serviced?

Every service is different. Our automatic gate service technician could possibly need access to the power supply to your gates in order to conduct part of the service. If the power supply to your electric gate(s) is located in your house or garage, yourself or the engineer would need access to turn it on/off.

What is not covered in a service?

A service would not cover if your gate(s) needed a repair. If your gates need a repair please contact us for a quote.

Do you have evening appointments for electric gate servicing?

Yes, we can arrange your gate servicing for an evening appointment, that is not a problem.

Can I service my own electric gates?

We would not recommend this option. Electric gates are a piece of machinery, they can be a very dangerous piece of machinery if you are not aware of how they operate. You will need a specialist force tester as this is a legal requirement to test the force on your gates at the correct height and opening degree. You will need to understand how the control panel is wired. How/ where to add lubricant. What to look out for and measure to meet current legal requirements and much more.

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