Best intercom system for electric gates!

There are hundreds of brands and models when it comes to intercoms, it all depends on what you need the system to do.

Best intercom system for electric gates

Here we will discuss the most common questions surrounding intercom systems: Which intercom do I need? Why do I need intercom? How much does an intercom system cost?

3 Main Questions


Not always the cheapest option depending on your driveway.

SIM Card

Uses a mobile phone network for signal to operate.


Via Wi-fi or radio frequency; depends on driveway length & signal strength.

We supply and install all brands of intercom

Hardwired Intercom

A hardwired intercom basically means you have a wire from your external monitor to your internal monitor. This has its advantages and disadvantages. You have the initial set-up cost of digging up your drive and hiding cables in your plaster board. If you do not want to trunk cables around your home and drive. However, you have no monthly costs and no connection issues.

SIM Card

A SIM card operated intercom uses a mobile phone SIM card for your intercom signal. Can come with issues if you lose signal due to network issues. There are sometimes monthly running costs. Great option to avoid taking up your drive for wires. Best solution for many households.


You can install an intercom system that uses radio frequencies. Comes with no monthly costs and no wires to install. A lot of models now come with a fantastic range 20m+. Works best when internal monitors are by a window for the frequency waves. 


This option is only as reliable as your Wi-fi. If your Wi-fi strength is weak in your home then it is not the best option. You can buy boosters for your driveway to help with the signal strength. Each drive is different; trees and obstacles can impact signal strength.

What do you need?


Audio only intercom will not enable you to visually see anyone.


Video intercom has a camera built in so you can see who is at your gate.

Smart Phone

Allows remote access to you intercom system.

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Audio Intercom

An audio intercom system does not allow you to visually see who rings your bell. These systems come hardwired, SIM card operated or via radio frequencies. You can also have this option on a smartphone to allow remote access. Many clients find they prefer this as they use their CCTV to watch visitors/delivery drivers they allow on their drive. An intercom camera only shows you who is at the gate.

Video Intercom

A video intercom system allows you to visually see who rings your bell. These systems come hardwired, wireless & SIM card operated. You can also have this option on a smartphone to allow remote access.

Smart Phone

This allows you to operate your gates via a mobile phone device (app). It does depend on what your needs are the which system you need. Do you need to let parcels in? Do you have contractors at your home? Do you need to leave your gates open between a set time? You are best talking to us when it comes to a smart phone so you get the correct system that will work for you.

Extra Options


Operate your external electric gates system via a keypad?


Do you require an internal monitor for your intercom system?


How many gates or homes does the intercom need to service?

So much choice, let us help


A keypad is a great addition to an intercom as it allows you to manually operate your gates. There will be times you forget your remote, just pop the shop, Kids leave their keys at home, delivery comes. A keypad offers you the convivence of being able to open your gates without a remote.


An internal monitor can come in a range of options depending on the brand and model you opt for. Monitors can be in a fixed position or wireless. Video intercoms will have a screen on their monitor internally to display the video at your gate. You can use an Ipad (or similar) on some intercom systems.


You may need your intercom to operate more than one gate or allow multiple homes to operate via the same intercom system. All this is possible with an intercom system.

Intercom systems are vet advanced and are forever evolving. You can have a system that allows code '1111' to work Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm. This is ideal if you have contractors that need access to your home you have complete control on limiting their access to your home.


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