10 things to look out for when purchasing a composite gate

When comparing electric composite gate quotes it is important to ensure you know what you are paying for. We have put together 10 things to look out for when purchasing a composite gate.


1. Company reviews

Do your homework on the composite gate installation company, ask for the address(s) of previous installs. We are a 5 star Google review company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the service we offer our clients. Always ensure the reviews are through a 3rd party company like Google.


Image – shows no uniformity in the screw design on this composite gate that companies produce. Not worked out correctly in the design phase, or no care in the assembling phase?

2. Experience

Who is fabricating your composite gates? Our fabricator has over 20 years experience working with metal. He has built gates, ships, building structures, handrails, staircases, the list could go on and on.  


Image – 'silver' screws are cheaper than black screws, good way for companies to keep the composite gate quote cost down. We use black screws on a black frame.

3. Composite gate steel

This is something that is mainly overlooked when comparing quotes. What size steel is being used to make your composite gate? Are you comparing a cheaper quote that is using 30 x 30mm box section with another company that is using 50 x 50mm box section?

The bigger the dimensions of the steel, you need to take into consideration how it impacts the cost:

  • Steel dimensions increase = price of steel increases
  • More steel = more weight
  • Galvanising steel costs are calculated on weight
  • More metal to cover when powder coating

Speak with the composite gate companies you are comparing quotes with, are the gates identical in build? Is there a reason for the price difference? We have no issues going through quotes with clients.

4. Composite gate fabrication

The care attention that goes into a composite gate at its rawest stage is crucial. If you don’t get it right here, then the composite gate finish will be disastrous. No matter how many layers of paint you build up it will not cover a poor weld.


Image – shows the poor finish on the metal work that can not be covered by paint. Below are images of our work.

5. Galvinising

Metal that is for outdoor use needs to be galvanised or primed, otherwise the elements will rot the metal. It is hard to put a time frame on how long it will take for the rust to corrode the metal as it is site specific, anything from weeks to years. We galvanise all our metal, this coating preserves the metal for 150 years.

You can keep costs down by zinc plating or priming the metal before painting, something we are happy to do at a clients request. This can preserve the metal for 1-25 years.

6. Fettle a composite gate

We fettle all our steel work, by hand! Why? Galvanising leaves steel with a rough texture, this rough texture will show through when the gates are painted. We avoid this rough look by sanding down all our steel to ensure the finish looks a lot better. This process takes time. 


Image – shows again a poorly fabricated composite gate.

7. Powder coating

Powder coating is basically a thick layer of paint that will last longer than painting will. On average powder coating can last 5-15 years, depending on the elements it is exposed to. Painting on average will last 1-3 years, before it starts flaking off. Powder coating keeps everything looking brand new for longer, it also gives the metal a smoother finish than painting.

Image – here the welds are on show. We think all our designs through and take that extra time to hide our welds, when we can.

8. Hardware

What costs went into the composite gate quote you received? If the quote was ‘cheap’ then so are the products.

Will the handles last? Are the hinges suitable for the amount of time the gates are opening. Will the screws rust? Are the products reconditioned? 

We only use market leading brands that are known to be fit for purpose.


9. Composite gate aftercare

We hear so many stories of companies who install gates for clients then weeks later won’t answer their calls or are too busy.

Expect when you purchase the ‘cheaper’ quote that there is no after care built into the cost.

We have dedicated office staff! When you ring, we answer! We offer warranties on our products.


Image – it is a lot quicker and cheaper to build the gate frame and not mitre the joints. We miter all our joints.

10. Lifespan of a composite gate

A good built composite gate frame will out live you, if done correctly. It is a cost you will not need to keep paying for. Do you want a ‘cheap gate’ for now? Or a well built gate that doesn’t need replacing every few years, if you are lucky.


Image – another example of a poor finish in the corner of this gate. Weld gone wrong.

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